Backyards are often some of the most enjoyable areas of a home. They offer a unique combination of privacy and fresh air. Although Americans spent a record $567 billion on home renovations in 2022, it’s possible to make backyard updates without spending thousands.

We’ve put together a list of small backyard deck ideas on a budget you should consider. Let’s explore some of the most notable.

Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit can easily transform a mundane backyard into something much more entertaining. Even areas with warm climates can still benefit from fire pits during colder months. Few situations are cozier than sitting next to a fire during winter.

You can take the deck’s atmosphere to the next level by installing seating and lighting next to the fire pit. When handled correctly, this backyard deck idea can be one of the most satisfying.

Tiered Decks

Using a tiered deck is a great way to make use of vertical space. It’s also an aesthetic alternative to conventional deck stairs when renovating on a budget.

This extra accessibility is great for children,  family members, and animals. Some homeowners choose to install lights underneath the deck’s stairs.

This illuminates the deck’s steps at night and prevents people from tripping over them. You can choose lights with multiple color options to set different moods.

Ground-Level Decks

Not all decks need to have substantial height. Many people overlook the opportunity to install ground-level decks. As the name implies, these utilize concrete with minimal thickness.

The primary benefit of ground-level decks is they’re easy to build. These options are great for people who have numerous trees in their backyards, as you can build the ground-level deck around them.

This type of deck can also give your home a more modern appearance. If you choose to sell your home in the future, it will be an enticing attribute to buyers.

Hanging Planters

You can use hanging planters as an affordable way to add more life to your deck. Suspending the plants above ground keeps your deck feeling open and spacious.

It’s best to use a mix of plants that can thrive during different parts of the year. This goes a long way toward keeping your outdoor space beautiful regardless of the season.

Add a Hammock

Conventional seating options are always viable, but they take up a large amount of space. They also aren’t very comfortable in most circumstances.

On the other hand, hammocks are a great way to relax and can easily be dismantled to create more space. Many people find it enjoyable to read a book, use a laptop, or simply enjoy nature while lying in a hammock on their deck.

Outdoor Theaters

This renovation idea can substantially improve your backyard’s entertainment value. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

You can use a projector to display your favorite shows and movies. All you’ll need is a screen to cast the picture on.

To get the best experience, ensure there are plenty of comfortable seating options for friends and family. Chairs and couches with large cushions are great options. Hammocks are also amazing ways to enjoy your favorite films.


You aren’t limited to concrete slabs installing a backyard deck. Using pavers is a great way to create an outdoor deck with a unique appearance.

These are available in a variety of different sizes and colors, allowing for unique combinations. The flexibility you have with the colors you choose also helps them complement your backyard’s other features.

The combination of affordability, easy installation, and durability make pavers ideal choices for people who want great results quickly. Just ensure you use high-quality materials.

Decorative Concrete

Sometimes, aesthetic appeal is the main priority. This is where decorative concrete comes in.

This allows you to create texture, mimic the look of other materials, and align with surrounding features. Like pavers, decorative concrete is durable, cost-effective, and highly customizable.

It’s crucial to properly seal decorative concrete to protect it from wear and tear. Choosing professional installation over DIY can help everything go smoothly. Otherwise, you risk causing property damage or getting poor results.

Add a Touch of Nature

While concrete decks are beautiful, they can give a backyard a cold or industrial appearance if there isn’t enough natural texture. You have plenty of room to be creative with this backyard deck idea.

Vines, small trees, and potted plants can make your deck more aesthetically pleasing. You don’t have to use natural plants, either.

Fake plants can provide similar results. If you choose to go this route, only use quality products. Cheap fake plants can easily distract from your backyard’s beauty.

Getting Started

Once you choose a deck idea, the best way to get started is by working with a professional remodeling contractor. They have the tools and resources to handle your project effectively.

When searching for a contractor, explore their past reputation. See what others have had to say about the experience they had. Pay attention to how they interact with online reviews, as well.

If they get defensive or aggressive when faced with criticism, look elsewhere. Only hire contractors that have solid portfolios. Ask to see examples of their past work if you can’t find previous projects on their website.

You should also avoid contractors who aren’t licensed and insured. This will prevent major issues in the future.

For example, someone who injures themselves on your property during the project could hold you financially liable if they don’t have insurance. Ask about their pricing before making your decision. They should have no issue providing a detailed breakdown of what you’ll pay for.

Leverage These Small Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget

Renovating your backyard doesn’t have to be expensive. Using these small backyard deck ideas on a budget can help bring your vision to life without denting your savings account.

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