Numerous solid materials add durability and longevity to your pavers. However, they still need to be maintained periodically to sustain their appearance and structural integrity. The average maintenance tasks are not too complex if you continue to do them as needed. If you need additional help with your pavers maintenance, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113

Here are the top 6 care and maintenance tips for preserving your pavers.

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Sweeping is the standard cleaning task. Take a broom with coarse bristles and sweep away dirt and debris particles from your pavers. Do this every couple of days or weeks, depending on how filthy your pavers get from outside traffic.

best pavers maintenance san diegoWeeding

Weeds tend to grow through the joints of the paver materials. It could take several months or years, but they will start growing long if you don’t remove them periodically. It is best to remove the weeds while they’re still small.

Power Washing

Smaller debris particles may get stuck inside the tiny pores and holes of your pavers. You won’t notice them until they accumulate over time. A broom won’t be strong enough to sweep away these particles. You’ll need something stronger to reach those particles, such as a power washer.

Make sure you use mild water pressure when power washing your pavers. A powerful spray force could damage the surface and reveal the aggregate underneath.

Paver Cleaning Solution

A paver cleaning solution can help you remove tough stains and stubborn particles from your pavers. That way, you won’t feel tempted to apply a high level of pressure with your power washer or broom. It is just one more way to clean your pavers without risking any damage to them.

De-icing Solutions

If you live in an environment subjected to cold and ice, then it could form a slippery surface on your pavers. There are de-icing solutions available to melt the ice and restore the original surface.

Just be careful with how much de-icing formula you put on the pavers. If you put too much on them, the formula could damage the paver materials under the ice. Only de-ice when absolutely necessary.


Apply sealers to your pavers every 3 to 5 years. We recommend sanding the joints and cleaning the surface before applying the sealers. Don’t apply them too often because it could alter the surface color.


If you follow all the care and maintenance tips outlined above, you should be able to sustain the longevity of your pavers for several years. It is just more affordable to perform these maintenance tasks than it would be to replace your pavers with new materials. That is why maintenance is essential for both cost savings and appearance. If you need additional help with your paver’s maintenance, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113