Concrete driveways offer a significant advantage over traditional asphalt driveways. Not only does concrete last longer, but it is also much easier to clean as well. Some people even like the aesthetic appeal of concrete too.

The cost of a concrete driveway installation can be expensive. However, it is possible to reduce the installation cost if you consider all the factors involved in it. If you need a concrete driveway installed in San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113

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These concrete driveway installation cost factors include:

· Is this a new driveway or a replacement?
· The length and width of the planned concrete driveway
· The depth and strength of the driveway
· The shape of the driveway
· Removal and disposal of old driveway materials (if applicable)
· Excavation of the existing soil
· Current seasonal costs (varies throughout the year)
· The status of the neighborhood
· Special enhancements (e.g., acid staining, stamping, pigmenting)
· Permit costs
· Labor costs (Professional or DIY)

Not all of these factors will necessarily apply to your concrete driveway installation project. But this list should give you a rough idea of how the cost is calculated for each project.

The Average Concrete Driveway Installation Cost

concrete driveway installation cost

The average residential homeowner can expect to pay between $7.00 and $13.00 per square foot of concrete for their driveway for labor.

For example, let’s say you want to install a new concrete driveway that is 50 feet in length and 17 feet in width. You would need to pour 850 square feet of concrete onto the plotted path of your new driveway. Based on the average cost per square foot, you would end up spending between $6,000 to$11,050 for the installation. Quotes vary from state to state and keep changing due to labor work force increased cost.

Over 90% of residential homeowners hire professional contractors to install their concrete driveways. There is a significant cost difference between hiring a professional versus doing the work yourself. The choice you make to hire someone or not will depend on your current skillset as a handyperson and contractor.

Should You DIY Concrete Driveway Installation?

The previously quoted price range was for a professional installation. But the average cost of a DIY concrete driveway installation can be lower. You could literally save with a DIY installation, But you need the knowledge and skills to get the work done correctly, which can be difficult and challenging.

A DIYer must understand the following information:

· firstly, proper materials that are needed
· second, ask a specialist for the Ideal concrete PSI rating to suit your project’s needs
· Thirdly, the ideal location for expansion joint placement
· Stamping and staining a concrete driveway, stencils, and colors charts.
· Using all the different tools and equipment for the job
. Identified the soil condition to prevent moisture problems in the future. knowing the timeline of the concrete mixture before installation

In conclusion, doing your research will help to achieve some of the cons and pros concrete has.

If you have never done this kind of work before, don’t start doing it by yourself. It would be wise to have a more experienced worker assist you. Otherwise, just spend the extra money and hire a professional concrete driveway installer. If you need a concrete driveway installed in San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113

Breakdown of the Additional Costs

Here is a breakdown of all the additional expenses you can expect for a concrete driveway licensed and permit installation project/ Commercial.

· Upgrade the Driveway Thickness: Between $2 and $4 per square foot
· Add Curves and Slopes to the Driveway: Between $1.5 and $3 per square foot
· Acid Staining and Pigmenting: Between $2.00 and $4.00 per square foot
· Stamping:: Between $4.00 and $6.00 per square foot
· Existing Concrete Driveway Removal: Between $5.00 and $10 per square foot
· Existing Asphalt Driveway Removal: Between $5 and $10 per square foot

If you need a concrete driveway installed in San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113

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