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Concrete Repair Services in San Diego


California Clean and Seal of San Diego provides the highest quality concrete repair services for both commercial and residential exterior surfaces. We specialize in patios, decks, driveways, walkways, backyards, front yards, flooring, and stucco walls.

Concrete repairs are crucial in maintaining the safety and integrity of structures. When dealing with slab concrete repairs, it is vital to comprehend the reasons behind the necessity of the repairs. Over time, various factors can damage the concrete, which includes wear and tear, chemical exposure, and weathering. These damages can lead to structural instability and other issues in concrete. The concrete will lose its strength over time without adequate maintenance and repair.

California Clean and Seal understands the types of concrete repairs that may be required. These repairs can span from patching small cracks to resurfacing an entire surface. Furthermore, we are experts in specific repair tasks that might demand specialized tools or materials.

Use team of experts

Our team understands the imperative to assess the extent of the damage before commencing and starting with the concrete repair process.

We helped many homeowners prevent the damage before it became so extensive that a complete concrete replacement sometimes became the recommended course of action.

Our expert team uses the critical task of selecting the appropriate materials and tools for the job. Specific materials like grout or mortar may be indispensable depending on our client’s needs for the repairs. Additionally, specialized tools such as trowels or diamond blades may used.

We understand the importance of meticulously preparing the repair area By cleaning the surface thoroughly, removing debris, and ensuring the surface is dehydrated and moisture-free.

As we proceed to the repair phase, our repair team carefully plans the process and execution as needed. The repair process may involve applying or replacing adhesive, grout, or mortar and then allowing the material to cure properly.

Once our crew finishes the repairs, our next step involves thoroughly inspecting the area. This inspection is vital to detect any signs of cracking or unevenness. Additionally, we will check if extra work is needed as some areas will need additional protection, such as sealing or waterproofing. These measures can safeguard the concrete from further damage and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Why our services is different:

We try to educate our clients so they can Understand the reasons behind the needed repairs and recognize the potential repair types. It is important to us that our clients ensure that it is our priority that the repair processes will harm our client’s safety.

Our team will assess the extent of the damage, select suitable materials and tools, prepare the work area, execute the repair process, conduct inspections, implement additional protective measures, and entrust professionalism through this essential process. Furthermore, we consistently adhere to regular maintenance and inspections, which are indispensable for minimizing the need for concrete repairs over time.

Concrete Repair Contractor services includes: concrete grinding, concrete patching, concrete overlay, stamping, and staining of your existing surfaces to create a beautiful like-new look. If you need concrete repair in San Diego, give us a call today!

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Surface Repairing

Concrete floor Grinding


To prepare your surface for the best sealing possible, we diligently work to make your concrete flat and smooth, allowing us to evenly apply the sealant or coating of your choice.


If you have damaged concrete or pavers, whether that’s cracks, hairline cracks, major cracks or movement, holes, or a damaged surface, we can help you restore your surface back to new.


Whether you are covering up the unsightly or you are looking to improve your curb appeal, concrete overlays are the way to go.


Maintaining your stamped concrete is necessary to keep your floors or hardscapes looking like new. From pressure washing to deep cleaning with natural and eco-friendly detergent or our deep acid-washing.


Stained concrete maintanance is required to keep your floors or hardscapes looking like new. From pressure washing to deep cleaning with natural and eco-friendly detergent or our deep acid-washing.

Repairing Services

Commercial & Residential

commercial concrete floor repairs


California Clean & Seal concrete contractor services all San Diego areas. we repairs interior and exterior flooring. we specialize in all type of exterior hardscape. We are exports in commercial grinding, polishing, and overlay.


California Clean & Seal is a San Diego contractor services the all San Diego county areas. Specializes in all type of hardscape repairing, from concrete slab, stucco and retainer wall. All exterior hardscape surfaces for residential customers.

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