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Decorative concrete staining and concrete staining for exterior flooring andhardscapes.

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Stained concrete is a wonderful way to make your home or office hardscape stand out. There are a variety of textures and colors for you to choose from that will transform how your backyard patio, pool deck, sidewalk, walkway or driveway can appear. Decorative stained concrete, can make your driveway look stunning without having to spend a lot of money. With the right maintenance, your concrete exterior Driveway, deck or patios can last significantly longer than other hardscapes. If you are looking for Decorative concrete staining in San Diego, or Concrete staining services give us a call today! You can also contact us online.

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Stained and decorative concrete uses a special process that can be applied to the surface. At California Clean and Seal, we specialize in keeping your decorative stained concrete as clean and amazing-looking as possible. We use a specialized process to clean your stained concrete, even sealing it if necessary, to give it a nice wet-seal-clean looking appearance. Our surface restoration experts take their time so as to not damage your surface, but also work efficiently in restoring your old stained decorative concrete, making it look brand new again.

Decorative Concrete & Concrete Staining services in San Diego.

Welcome to our top-rated decorative concrete and concrete staining service page, where we specialize in providing exceptional concrete coating services and concrete staining solutions. Our team is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and durability of your concrete surfaces, offering a wide array of concrete staining colors and concrete staining services to suit your unique preferences. When it comes to decorative concrete, we are your trusted partner. Our expertise in concrete exterior floor stain and stain for concrete allows us to transform ordinary surfaces into stunning focal points. Whether you want to revitalize and restore concrete stains on an existing floor or create a brand-new look, our professional team has the skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding results. Our concrete coating services go beyond aesthetics and provide long-lasting protection to your concrete surfaces. We take pride in using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that your concrete staining project looks amazing and stands the test of time. Explore our website to discover the versatility and beauty of decorative concrete. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, whether concrete stain for a residential floor or concrete staining services for a driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway, or retainer wall. Let us bring your vision to life with our expertise in decorative concrete staining and coating services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to serving you.

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Disclaimer: California Concrete Clean and Seal restoration services products are subject to changes according to market supply and demand, California Concrete Clean and Seal reserves the right to change concrete staining manufacturing. Products use is expected 24 hours of drying time after completion of application. California Concrete Clean and Seal is not warranty of merchantability concerning this material. Homeowner acknowledges that the actual color staining will not match the above chart, a sample of color provided by California Concrete Clean and Seal prior to application to client approval, the concrete unified color subject to concrete profile and color variation may exist on the surface. Warranty is subject to manufacturing sole warranty.


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California Clean & Seal services San Diego county and Southern California and specializes in installing concrete flooring and exterior hardscape for commercial customers. Commercial concrete installation is a durable alternative to many interior and exterior flooring and exterior hardscape options. Increasing the value of the building and providing a beautiful and easy to maintain surface. We exports in Driveway, pool deck, patio, stairs, retainer wall, BBQ Island and so much more


California Clean & Seal services San Diego, CA installing exterior decorative concrete flooring and all types of exterior hardscape for residential customers. Residential concrete installation is an durable alternative to driveways, patios, pool decks, walkway and pathways. It is easy to maintain and can last many years keeping the backyard beautiful and in resort style comfort providing an enjoyable place to spend the hot summer days. Contact us today if you need residential Decorative concrete staining services in San Diego!

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