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If you are looking for concrete grinding Services in San Diego, you have come to the right place! California Concrete Clean and Seal understands the complexity of commercial concrete grinding. We have worked with some of the largest companies and school districts in San Diego California, providing the same high-quality work for each and every one of our clients. our process prepare the surface for the best concrete polishing possible, there are different level of grits from 30 and up to 2000 levels of grits. This process of different levels grits will determine the level of shine and the condition of the finished floor or concrete. We diligently work to make concrete commercial flooring flat and smooth allowing us to evenly apply the sealant or coating of the client’s choice. This whole process will give the flooring a beautiful and sleek look.


Concrete grinding Services is a service that preps your floor for resurfacing. We make the layer of concrete smooth and grind it down to keep it even; this process is generally done when epoxy needs to be installed for residential garage floors. another way to use our grinding services is when exterior surface experience over growing plantation that lifts the hardscape. One of the main homeowners’ issues is with plantation are roots. Over growing plantation roots especially when they are raising the hardscape. In California, clean and seal we specialize in removing the surface, eliminating the root vegetation, and installing root barriers. We have many years of experience and thousands of happy customers who have done business with us throughout the years.

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