There is no fixed answer to this question. The cost of concrete patio and driveway resurfacing depends on many different factors. The four main factors are your desired surface size, design, location, and the existing concrete’s condition and repair.

For example, you might want a new surface design with vibrant colors and textures. These additional resurfacing features would not be cost effective because it will cost you more money than if you had solid colors and flat textures. And if you live someplace with a higher cost of living, you can expect the resurfacing concrete materials to cost more too.

The two greatest cost factors are the size of the surface and the preparation of the concrete installation. You can expect to pay more money if you have a larger surface. After all, the price rate for concrete resurfacing is calculated “per square foot.” But if the existing concrete contains spalls, minor cracks, holes, and other signs of damage, then you will have to factor in the concrete repair costs too.

Do not attempt to resurface damaged concrete. You can patch the minor cracks and holes using a concrete patching compound, such as concrete caulk. The surface must get evened out completely. There shouldn’t even be any paint or tile on the surface either. If these materials exist there, you must remove them as well.

If you have repaired your concrete surface and smoothed it out, then you should be ready to apply the concrete resurfacing product. If you need concrete resurfacing in San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113

The Average Cost of Concrete Resurfacing

When you’re ready to resurface your existing concrete surface, you can expect to pay an average of between $6 and $25 per square foot. Do not choose the first contractor you come across. You should shop around and get price quotes from various local contractors in your area. Some contractors offer better deals than others for the same quality work. Find a contractor with an excellent reputation and average quote.

Make sure you factor in the long-term benefits too. Even if you need to pay a little more money upfront for a superb concrete resurfacing job, it could be worth it for lower maintenance responsibilities. Not only that, but the value of your property will increase with resurfaced concrete. This applies to both commercial and residential properties.

If you run a business or wish to sell your home, then concrete resurfacing could make all the difference in the world. Your potential customers or buyers will get a positive feeling as soon as they see the beautiful new resurface concrete. Then you could make more money from sales to offset the price you paid for the concrete resurfacing product.

Therefore, consider the purpose of the concrete resurfacing or renew project. If you believe it could help you financially benefit in the future, don’t be afraid to spend more money on it. Otherwise, shop around until you find an affordable contractor that can satisfy your desires for the project. If you need concrete resurfacing in San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 818-0113

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