When you need pavers installation for your patio pavers bricks, or pavers concrete are good choose, you will have two primary expenses. The first expense will be for the paver patio materials themselves. The average cost per square foot of the pavers is between $2 and $11.

The second expense is for the labor to install the pavers onto your patio area. The labor costs are usually a lot higher than the material costs. A professional paver installer will typically charge between $8 and $21 per square foot for their labor.

Obviously, it would be incredibly beneficial if you knew how to install paver patios yourself. Let’s say you have a patio area that is approx. 400 square feet. If you were to install the pavers without professional assistance, it would cost you between $800 and $4,400 just for the pavers additional cost will be for compacting the sand laying and supporting borders and installing polymeric sand or joint stabilizer so the pavers will not shift with time.

Now let’s factor in the labor costs per square foot. A professional installer would charge between $3,200 and $8,400 to install the pavers onto 400 square feet of space. When you add the materials and labor costs together, it comes out to a total of between $4,000 and $12,800. If you have questions about paver patio installation cost, do not hesitate to give us a call: (619) 818-0113

Learn More About Pavers Patio Installation Cost

Paver Patio Installation Cost san diegoYou’ll notice there is a fairly wide price range here. The price factors depend on the rate of the installer and the type of paver materials you choose for your patio. If you want to maximize the cost savings of this project, you should learn how to lay your own patio by watching tutorials online. Then you can eliminate the expensive installation fees.

As for the paver materials, there is a price difference between the three paver options. Let’s explore those price differences below.

Natural Stones for pavers installation

Natural stones are the most expensive because they’re the strongest and prettiest. Each stone has to be quarried and put through a complex fabrication process. For this reason, natural stone pavers cost about $9 per square foot on average. Slate and flagstone are the two popular choices for patios.

Concrete blocks for pavers installation

Concrete is the cheapest patio paver material. You can quickly pour the concrete to fit a patio space that is any size and shape that you want. It is also possible to add unique colors to the concrete solution as well. The cost is roughly $3 per square foot. If you want a simple do-it-yourself patio installation project, you should start with concrete.

Brick blocks for pavers installation

Brick is a little stronger and better looking than concrete. You’ll have a lot more color and size options to choose from with brick. You can save money by choosing red brick over gray brick. It adds a more homely appearance anyway. The cost is about $4 per square foot.


Polymeric Sand or Regular Sand

We recommend to use polymeric sand when installing paver the process is a little more complex but it will prevent from the the paver to shift for a longer time and help to fight the weeds growing between the joint.

Final Words

As you can see, there are cheap and expensive patio paver options. Just consider your budget and skillset carefully. If you feel confident in a DIY installation, you could save thousands of dollars in labor costs. Otherwise, shop around and find a reputable and affordable installer.

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